About Library

Mission: to be the Lithuanian space of knowledge creating value for the public.

Vision: to become an integral part of the State information policy, culture, education, science and economic progress.

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania is a national cultural institution open to all users, active in the areas of dissemination of information, culture, science and education, performing library activities and ensuring implementation of the national information policy falling within its competence. Objectives of library operations:

  • to collect, store and bring up-to-date the national documentary cultural heritage, ensure its dissemination and integration into the digital content space of Europe;
  • to ensure access to information and knowledge, develop information and cultural competence of the society;
  • to encourage the society to seek new knowledge and ensure the dissemination and application of that knowledge;
  • to carry out applied research of information and communication sciences as well as consulting and expert activities.

Strategic activities and priorities 2017–2020 (Download PDF ›)