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Leisure Books To Borrow

Gedimino 51, 1st floor (in front of the cafe), 3rd floor (atrium) 
Opening hours: September - June, July - August

The open collection of printed documents comprises over 6000 publications available for borrowing. The collection encompasses publications in the following fields:

  • Lithuanian and foreign fiction,
  • popular medicine, 
  • psychology,
  • technology,
  • cultural studies, 
  • philosophy,
  • religion, theology,
  • literary studies and criticism,
  • politics and law,
  • culinary arts,
  • ethnography, history.

The open collection is freely accessible to all visitors. Information about all the available publications is provided on the Library’s Online Catalogue; the code of the publications starts with the letters LS.

Vilnius city and district residents aged 18 who have a valid Reader’s Card and are registered with the library and who updated their personal details in the current year, may borrow 3 books for a period of 14 days; the same period applies with regard to extension of loan term.

If you need assistance, consult a library staff member. You may also submit your enquiries using “Ask a Librarian” service.