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Music and Visual Arts Reading Room

Gedimino 51, 5th floor, Room 508
Tel. (internal) 8657, E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Opening hours: September - June, July - August

The Reading Room provides information resources in the field of humanities and is equipped with a variety of hardware and software:

  • encyclopaedias and books on music, art, design, architecture, scenic design, photography, theatre, cinema and dance;
  • sheet music;
  • notation software with MIDI keyboards;
  • interactive drawing boards;
  • audio and video editing software;
  • equipment for playback of different media: vinyls, audio cassettes, CDs, and videos;
  • a synthesizer.

The open collection of the Reading Room is freely accessible to the visitors and publications cannot be ordered via the information system of the Library. Information about all the available publications is provided in and orders are placed via the Library’s Online Catalogue; the codes of the publications available in the Reading Room start with the letters MVM.

The following may be ordered and issued at the reading room via the library’s information system:

  • audio and video documents (vinyl records, compact audio cassettes, audio and video CDs, videotapes);
  • documents from the audio-visual archive of the National Archival Collection of Published Documents;
  • sheet music documents;
  • small prints from music and visual arts (posters, placards, postcards, book-plates).

Information about all the available publications is provided in and orders are placed via the Library’s Online Catalogue or National Library’s Image Catalogue.

Internet services are free of charge, Wi-Fi is available. Printing services of the necessary information and electronic papers are provided. If you need any help, ask the librarian or specialist consultant.

Our information search consultants may:

  • help you choose most appropriate materials for your studies and/or research;
  • advise on effective ways to use printed and electronic collections of our Library;
  • provide copying services of audio documents;
  • arrange reservation for the music lab;
  • assist in using our catalogues and answer your queries on bibliography.

If you cannot find a publication, we will help you find it in another library or offer our assistance in using electronic resources.

If you need assistance, consult a library staff member. You may also submit your enquiries using “Ask a Librarian” service.

Discover the exciting things about the history of audio recordings, share your knowledge about the past and future of music, and communicate via the Facebook page Senoji plokštelė (The Old Vinyl) administered by the Music and Visual Arts Unit.

5th floor

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