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Illustration 3 June 2024

E-book in Ukrainian “Методика бібліотерапії”

The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania has published a book in Ukrainian ­– a methodology that presents guidelines for bibliotherapeutic activities in libraries. The book is a translation into Ukrainian of the book “Bibliotherapy Methodology” (Biblioterapijos metodika) by Dr. Daiva Janavičienė, a methodologist-researcher at the National Library, published by the National Library in 2020.

At the first Lithuanian-Ukrainian Library Forum in 2023, D. Janavičienė gave a presentation on bibliotherapy in Lithuanian libraries. After the Forum, an article on this topic was published in the Ukrainian professional journal “Библиотечная планета” (No. 1 (103) 2024) at the request of Ukrainian librarians.

The book “Методика бібліотерапії” presents the main types of bibliotherapy activities: passive bibliotherapy or reading recommendations and interactive bibliotherapy (library events). The principles of bibliotherapeutic-thematic lists are outlined, the types of bibliotherapeutic documents, genres and principles of fiction selection are discussed. Experiences are shared on the selection of topics, the classification of documents and examples of reference lists.

The next part of the book contains general recommendations for those organising interactional bibliotherapy activities. It discusses the formulation of objectives, the selection of literature, the course of the bibliotherapy session and the impact it has, the use of creative intuitive writing, the preparation of the space for the session, the duration, the number of participants, the formation of the group, and the rules of conduct.

The third part of the methodology provides examples of how to organise interactive bibliotherapy events, using the techniques of fairy tale therapy, poetry and creative writing workshops, thematic bibliotherapy sessions, and readers’ clubs with elements of bibliotherapy from experience.

The author of the book, Dr. D. Janavičienė, has published more than 30 scientific articles, a number of popular science and methodological works in the field of communication, librarianship, electronic media and bibliotherapy. She participates in scientific conferences on bibliotherapy in Lithuania and abroad. Areas of interest: library services, reading, bibliotherapy, professionalism of librarians.

The author is happy to share her knowledge of bibliotherapy methodology with colleagues from Ukraine and to apply it creatively in Ukrainian libraries.

The translator of the book is Marta Žadeikaitė, a Ukrainian living in Lithuania.  The foreword to the book was written by the President of the Lithuanian Bibliotherapy Association, Prof. Dr. Jūratė Sučylaitė.

The creation of the book in 2020 and its translation into Ukrainian in 2024 was financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The book “Методика бібліотерапії” is available for download to your devices. We invite you to read.