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Preservation and Dissemination of Modern Electronic Content

The project is funded from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania. Project value: EUR 2,589,643.50

Project goal

To protect and disseminate modern cultural content by creating innovative electronic services for LIBIS libraries.

Project tasks

To modernise LIBIS by transferring the e-services provided by the LIBIS libraries to a centrally managed cloud infrastructure and to develop the portal by creating new electronic services or modernising existing ones.

Project duration

10 November 2015 – 31 July 2021

Implementing organisation

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

Project description

Project target groups:
1. readers;
2. libraries;
3. employees of state government institutions, management authorities, etc.;
4. authors;
5. publishers.

The following activities will be implemented as part of the project:

Modernisation of LIBIS and development of the portal by creating new innovative electronic services or modernising existing ones.

Expected outcomes of the project:

Modernised Lithuanian Integral Information System of Libraries and 5 innovative electronic services created on the portal:

1. an electronic service enabling the users of the portal to create the reader’s content profiles and content provider’s profiles, offering the option of creating the lists of the books being read on those profiles, recommending books to others, viewing information on the ordered e-services or e-services provided by the libraries, paying for them electronically or viewing the payment history;
2. an electronic service that allows the users to collect, in a targeted manner and in accordance with international standards, an archive of online resources and to perform searches in that archive via the portal;
3. an electronic service that allows publishers to submit press files of their periodicals and to manage their information, and enables readers to perform searches for electronic periodicals and to read them on the portal;
4. an electronic service that allows publishers or other parties to create e-books using the tools available on the portal and to save them in the most popular formats;
5. an electronic service that allows the users to prepare, in an automated manner, news summaries and to provide them to state institutions and the users of the portal.

Responsible contact at the National Library
Tomas Stankevičius, Head of the project, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.