For the visually impaired

The entrance to the library is on the Gediminas Avenue side, up the stairs to the main door. The door in the middle of the library opens automatically to the outside. After passing the central door, there is a second glass door about three metres away, which is sliding and opens automatically in both directions. Upon entering, you will immediately be on the second floor.

In the lobby on the second floor, a tactile walkway will take you to the Registration and Information Desk or the lifts. The elevator takes you to all the visitor areas on the five floors.

Services for the visually impaired.

For people with reduced mobility

The library is wheelchair accessible, so visitors with reduced mobility have access to all the visitor areas on different floors of the building.

There are two entrances for people with disabilities: from the side of Gynėjų Street and from the side of the Seimas.

If you come from the Gynėjų Street side, you need to ring a bell and a library staff member will open the door, but you may have to wait a little. When you enter the library, you will find an elevator on the right-hand side for visitors with reduced mobility, which will take you to the second floor. The elevators on both the east and west sides of the building provide further access to the library.

When you arrive from the Seimas side of the Library, you enter through the Children’s and Youths Literature Department door, which opens automatically. There is a lift at the bottom of the stairs to help you climb the steps. You will enter the reading rooms of the Department of Children’s and Youths Literature. To reach the lift, go through the reading room on the right.

For people with hearing impairment For persons with intellectual disabilities

Information in easy-to-understand language.

For persons with audio sensory sensitivity

Visitors with audio-sensory sensitivity are advised to visit the library in the morning between 8am and 11pm when the flow of visitors is lower.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

If you need help using the services of the National Library, please contact the staff at the Registration and Information Desk on the second floor. They will listen to your needs and organise the library service around them, escorting you to the right area or to a consultant.